jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Fin do proxecto de Piero Capponi na FISTF

Piero Capponi dimitiu do seu cargo de presidente da FISTF, depois de ver como día a día, os seus proxectos e ideas eran criticados e rechazados dende tódolos recunchos. Unha mágoa que todo o traballo feito durante un ano, quede agora sen o seu impulsor. Deséxolle a maior das sortes.

Déixovos a carta de despedida (en inglés) do agora ex-presidente da FISTF.

Hi all,

This weekend, and after long conversations and reflections with my friends and counsellors, and after talking at length with Stefano De Francesco, who accompanies me on this adventure from the first day, my brain and heart have said enough.
Actually you should have gone ahead with the world after the resignations of Palermo, but I tried one time, following my heart. I was wrong.
I have tried in every way, as vice president and president, as passionate, sponsor, player and manager, but I have not succeeded.
I am unable to change the mentality of a movement that will not.
In the last two events to which I participated, people have wanted to hit me who know neither fair play or the rules of the game.
Characters besides an idiot, an incredible inner sadness and an amazing indecorum, want to continue reviewing and playing this game.
I fervently hope that Stefano De Francesco wants to follow my decision and submitted her resignation. Stefano thank you the hard work.
We also thank Luis Horta, and then newcomer fundamental, and Fred Vulpes, honest, serious and hardworking.
I hope you recover quickly Leonidas. Thanks also to Alan Collins, who always supported me with love.
This decision is immediate irrevocable and maximum respect please ask.
I cannot more. I will not answer or mails for at least a few months.
To regard the elections as be convened immediately (please Luis, you can take your? Thanks) for the Major in Mons at the beginning of February for 17 pm on Saturday.
Thank you all.

Piero Capponi

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